Officially back on Microsoft Path

I started my career in programming with Microsoft Visual Basic in 1995-6.

And Oracle & Crystal Reports.

It took some time but I switched over to MS SQL-Server and SSRS reporting.

Having said that, I've been out of programming for a year and a half.

So now that I'm getting back into programming, I'm really glad that it's Microsoft Visual Studio this time.

It has such a great IDE for Client programming, Services, Web, even Mobile.

It integrates easily with XML.  And the suite of Office products.  And MS Reporting Services.  And it runs atop MS Windows Operating Systems in MS Internet Explorer.  And MS Sharepoint.  Just about all Microsoft products integrate well.  And MS SQL-Server.  The IDE is just more intuitive.  And there's so much sample code out there.  And a lot of online resources.  And you can pump out apps fast.

They really have a product for every type of product.

Quite amazing.

For some bizarre reason, while programming in Visual Basic, I really wanted to program in an Object Oriented language.  And it took my many years to accomplish that.  And what I discovered from programming in Java, it's not all its cracked up to be.  Multiple IDEs by different vendors, multiple iterations of J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hybernate, etc.  Too many moving pieces.

Write once, debug everywhere.

So I'm now officially back on the Microsoft pathway to higher enlightenment.

Sure, I see the mass exodus in the news, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Top programmers heading to other company's.

Either way, MS will be pumping out quality programming utilities for years to come.

And I'm along for the ride!