My Intro to MS Data Mining Excel Add In

Well, being in my new position I've had a few days to research.

Today I chose Data Mining add in for Excel.

The download is straight forward.

At the end it prompts you to find a SQL Server 2012 Analysis Server to connect to.

So I just happened to have one as we installed it yesterday.

So I opened an existing Excel Spreadsheet, formed a table of data, clicked on Data Mining, and had the entire arsenal to begin mining.

I played around a bit and created some models, not really understanding what I was doing.

Nonetheless, it produced some results which I thought were great.

Then I logged onto SQL-Server Analysis Server and sure enough, my 3 new models were copied there as well, which can then be re-processed, etc.

So first of all, I'm getting to dabble in some new technology.  Secondly, this new technology will hopefully pay dividends once I get more understanding of the new databases, new business rules and new customers.  Third, I have learned more in 2 days on the new job than in 1.5 years at the old job.

Just sayin'!