Learn Like a Sponge

It seems like our culture has been living through the rear view mirror the past few decades.

Same old songs on the radio, same re-runs on the television.

As well as a complete dumbing down of people through movies, 24 hour news/entertainment channels.

However, there is SO much to learn in programming now a days.

So much freshness.

It's alive with energy!

Just in the last year, with the
  • Public & Private Cloud,
  • Business Intelligence / Analytic,
  • Big Data
  • Hadoop (unstructured data)
  • Social Media
  • Databases
  • Web Programming
  • Mobile
  • Security
  • Open Source Technology
  • Current trends in the marketplace 
  • And the list goes on
It's mind blowing indeed!

I'm doing my best to keep up with all the changes.

And the new lingo.

And all the technology that seems to be springing from the head of Zues.

Not only that, but the speed in which new technology appears is also mind boggling.

It verges on impossible to keep up.

It's like running as fast as you can for as long as you can and still get further and further behind.

However, that's what I love about this field and this career.

With all this newness, it's difficult to get bored.

You really have to be a generalist across a dozen technologies and you have to have deep knowledge of a half dozen as well.

You have to be flexible, agile, ability to problem solve, be social-able and learn like a sponge.

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