Intro to Team Foundation Server

I was the Visual Source Safe administrator for Florida Power in 1998.  And for Paymentech after that.  And WestPoint Underwritrs after that.  Even for the County I administered VSS.

So on my new job we use a product called Team Foundation Server.

Latest version of VSS with a new name.

Tight integration with Visual Studio.

It's also web-based.

Quite a nice improvement over the years.

There's also an Admin piece but I have yet to see it.

Microsoft really has their foot in every product line.

And the quality is usually very good.

I always thought they should have built a Microsoft Virtual Machine to run on Linux & the Mac.

Instead they got in trouble for J++ and missing the boat on the internet & reporting.

However, those battles are long ago, now with the hand held devices.

Microsoft definitely has some great products across the board that interact nicely with their cousin MS applications.