Holy Grail of BI

What is the holy grail of Business Intelligence?

A glimpse into the minds of each and every customer, their every thought process, past decision and potential behaviors, in a nutshell.

And the goal is extract that information based on any available resource.

And since Data now captures high volume of behavior over time, because the prices have dropped significantly for storage and extraction software, this is a hot item.

Perhaps it might be easier to discuss every person with the mother or father, you know, over tea.  What was Johnnie like as a kid, did he like to spend money are large ticket items?  Was he more likely to spend the extra money on upgrades on his 3 speed bike when he was 8 years old, or was he more practical and saved his money?

Or I suppose you could break into people's answering machines like the media outfit in England did, that would surely allow you to get into the minds of the people, nah, maybe not legitimate way.

Perhaps we should just continue down the path we are on and find ways to automate that extraction.

It's my belief that the reason we are struggling so much trying to define it, is because its actually a subset of artificial intelligence.

And that's my take on it.

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