Gain Skills, Salary Will Follow

I've always had the belief that you should gather all the skills you can.

And eventually, the high salary will follow.

I remember early on in my IT career, my father said to me, "Don't worry about the salary, you should actually be paying them for getting the skills."

And that has been my mantra ever since.

I would say to people entering the IT world, don't expect your dream salary out of the gate.

Pay your dues.

Learn the systems.

Learn the business.

Learn how to maneuver within an organization.

You may be the hottest thing since slice bread.

Except there may be 10 people lined up to keep you down.

Watch for turf wars.

Be thankful.

And pay your respect to those who have come before you.

And in time, you will be running the show.

And you will have the salary to show for it.