First Week

Today completed the first week of my new job.

Basically thrilled.

Will get to do advanced BI reporting.

Tabular Model, Power Pivot, Power View, Performance Point, KPI's, T-SQL, SSIS, c#, Team Viewer.

Almost no traditional reporting what I've been writing for so many years.

Like I've said before, the technology is no more difficult than let's say writing Java code.

In fact, there's LESS coding and more architecture and process' and training the users.

The thing that stopped me in my track prior was the setup of SharePoint 2010 on a VM.

A guy at work gave me a link today to assist with that.

He's a c# / DBA programmer, we actually went to high school together :)

Everyone seems nice, they have an edge of sarcasm that underlie' every conversation, much to my liking, as I've been called sarcastic once or twice.

I actually thrive in a non-structured atmosphere where I'm allowed the freedom to get things done and to be myself.

With that said, I haven't actually done anything yet.

I've documented all the BI stuff and created a doc to store all the server and database names, etc.

Looking forward to after the end of the 2nd quarter / month end to dive into some work!

And there you have it.

My first week.