Downloaded, Installed & Ran #QlikView

Earlier today I posted a Blog explaining my first attempt at Tableau.

In all fairness, I thought I should follow up with a Blog about QlikView.

So I installed the product, actually have the option of 32 bit or 64 bit.

At first I was looking to attach to a data source.

By using the wizard, you get to choose from an Excel .xlsx file.

The Wizard is self explanatory, user has ability to select options and such.

However, if you click the cancel button, and then click the 'Edit Script' button, you then get the option to choose from multiple data types, ODBC, OLE DB or QVSAdminDataProvider.dll (64bit).

I choose Table Data, pointed to a pre-existing Excel doc, selected Headers and clicked okay.

Then changed the data table name followed by a colon:

You can then proceed to add multiple Excel docs, set labels, give it a name, add more files / tables.

After saving, you can click the ReLoad button and view your data.

You can then click on Data View and see your new table with Field names:

You can then click on the drop down menu --> Layout --> Select fields...

From first glance, it looks like there are a lot of customization features included.

Similar to a programming language.

And user has ability to see and modify the underlying scripts.

It looks like an awesome application for users to view data and discover insight!

I will need more time to work with a real life example to get a better feel for everything.

I will also recommend this product at my next company as a possible solution for Power Users.


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