Bloom Consulting, Sole Proprietor, Jon Bloom, Florida

I started Bloom Consulting in year 2000.

I first liked 'Small Shop Software', except I didn't go with that.

I went through an attorney at the time and registered with the State of Florida.

Got a Federal Tax ID Number and put ad in local newspaper 'doing business as'.

At the time, a friend of mine who owned a software company asked me to write some code for him to integrate Visual Source Safe into his new product so users could check out, check in, etc. from the Visual Basic client.

Tons of custom DLLs for Middle tier & Database Tier.  Let me just say his code was a masterpiece.

I worked from my home office and we chatted through email & phone.

I got paid and that was that.

Later, I did some web work for a small company in St. Petersburg.  After some time, the programmers weren't getting paid so I demanded my last pay check and never went back.  That was after hours & weekend work.

Many years later, I found a gig through Craigslist.

A British company, who has tentacles all over the world, had me write SQL queries to pull data from international databases.  I wrote about 500 queries and added to SQL-Agent.  However, I also got some good SSRS experience.

Then I worked for a prior client doing SSRS & SSIS & T-SQL from home.  That gig is going on 2 or 3 years now.  They are going through some turnover with the Manager and Developers at the moment.  So I think I could get some good hours in while they transition.

Lastly, I did some contract work for someone local who just started a new company.  I did remote work from home, dialed into the client, doing T-SQL, SSIS and Master Data Services.  Was a good gig, just didn't get renewed.

So there you have it, the history of Bloom Consulting, Sole Proprietor, Jon Bloom.

If you search the web, there are plenty more company's with the same name or similar.

I'm not sure how that conflicts but I went through legitimate attorney when setting up shop.

And I've renewed every 5 years with the State of Florida.

Oh yeah, I also created a web site for tennis called Tennis In Bloom.  It was a 'ladder' system where people could challenge up and if they won, they got that person's spot.  It was live for a summer, where a local women's group accessed, however, I shut it down before it got bigger.  There are many free sites out there now similar.

I basically just program for fun, after hours and on weekends to learn new technology and earn some extra cash.

Not a bad deal if you ask me.