Big Data Symposium Orlando 6/10/2012 #sqlsymposium

Attending the Microsoft Big Data Symposium in Orlando June 10, 2012.

Event started at 11am, introduction by Bob Baker.

This is the 9th and final SQL Symposium provided by Microsoft with over 4k attendees so far.

Eugene Saburi gave a great presentation.

Said with the recent Data Explosion, an increase of 44% this decade while IT has grown at 4%.

Microsoft has a new World of Data.  Not just pull data from relational databases and OLAP cubes, there's a new push to think Holistically.

Intro of massive data or Big Data through Hadoop, need for Data Governance, variety and locations of data.  Become more diverse.

More data sources and mashing public information.

Need to do risk analysis to provide more accurate insight.

 Mobile has become more important, bring your own device.

Richer apps.

Any device.

Any time.

Microsoft's goal is from end to end.

With SQL-Server 2012.

3 things, Mission Critical, Insight and Cloud.

Cloud Ready.  175 new features.  Major product release.

Always On feature = high availability.

Proactive troubleshooting - watches patterns, sends alerts if DB running into trouble before major problems occur.

BI top 3 items of conversation among CIOs.

Been a low success track record.

Need for analytics, not just cubes/dashboards.

Need for front end self service.

Can't wait on IT with turnaround times of 3-4 months.

Intro of Power Pivot extend with PowerView.

Has stunning visualizations and discoverability.

Rich self service.

End user vs. IT

Managed self service.

Integrates Active Directory and Sharepoint.

Need the right user, right data, right time.

Credible consistent data.

Garbage in garbage out.

Need for High Data Quality.

Intro of BI semantic model.

Big Data - Microsoft  full Hadoop support.

More data = more accuracy.

Most used statistician tool = MS Excel

Data Scientist pulls data from Hadoop.

Into Power Pivot,  apply biz rules and Publish Model to Sharepoint.

Single version of the truth.

Once in Sharepoint, connect real time with PowerView.

Insight speed of thought.

Using Cloud can reduce confusion with licensing.

Faster time to market.

IT solves Biz problems.

Cloud handles app.


  T-SQL works on 2012 and Azure

Scale up or down - elastic

Immediately analyze and react.

Highly available.

Balance IT efficiency and reduce costs.


Traditional IT
Private Cloud - pool resources - virtualization
  Elasticity - scale up or down
  Built in Self Service
  Usage based model
Pubic Cloud

Cloud is NOT all or nothing proposition- a mix.

Private Cloud - for compliance reasons - keep data onsight

Economic reasons

Remove need to manage infrastructure - ie. OS patches

Easy for proof of concepts, quick development, scale up quickly, certified.

And a whole lot more.

More than I can type into a blog article.

However, the food was good, networking, conversations with the Vendors and asked a few questions to some of the speakers.

Good conversations with Robert Skoglund from Tampa Microsoft office and also host of the Vendor panel presentation.

Also, had lunch with some ex-coworkers from Pinellas County Government.

Overall good day, and they validated parking too.

Thanks to Microsoft for offering the free day of training / presenting.