Be Curious

I read a quote recently, about the famous Albert Einstein.

He self proclaimed that he wasn't that smart, just very curious.

I'd say he was 'open minded' as well.

And a 'tinkerer', someone who likes to see how things work.

Which I suppose is another name for 'curiosity'.

And I've seen another poster where he claimed 'Imagination' was the key to intelligence.

The world could use more 'doers' than 'watchers' and more open minded people.

And it's not a race, sometimes the Tortoise wins over the Hare.

And the end of the day, have you made a difference?

Have you left the place better than it was before you got there.

Most of the strides of mankind were a derivative of some other quest, a by-product discover.

The journey is long and winding, each step a block in the final destination.

Everything happens for a reason and nothing is wasted effort.

So look around, figure something out.

And be curious!