Artificial Intelligence

Henry Ford automated the process of creating things.

Each aspect of the job was identified and separated into individual jobs.

Thus, the creation of the assembly production line.

And that began an era of expansive growth.

And so now, today, we have a similar phenomena with data.

The data stored in databases = the raw material.

The assembly line is the process of turning data into information.

And that's accomplished through querying of the database.

And creating a final product called information.

This is called Business Intelligence.

However, this too will grow by removing the need for humans to crunch the data.

The applications will soon process data and look for patterns, remember (brain) and learn, and then predict future behavior based on repetitious patterns.

And that is called Artificial Intelligence.

Just around the corner I imagine.

Programming languages that observe, remember, learn, predict as well as guide future behavior.

Without the assistance of human intervention.