Virtual Matrix to Merge IT and Biz

IT is slow, bureaucratic, controlling and basically unresponsive to change or user requests.

The 'Users' are demanding to see their data NOW.

They need to view the data, in readable formats, to slice and dice the data, to manage their business.

So along comes Business Intelligence.

High priced consultants who create monstrous applications at high costs, slow implementations, that have to be maintained by someone.  They don't handle changes quickly, they don't incorporate data mining, predictive analytics, or mashing of data from external sources easily.

So what does the Biz unit do, they find people who can do this faster and cheaper.

They bring in a hired gun rouge developer to satisfy their needs.

They don't have time to waste on the lords of the IT department to get around to doing it.

And I agree.

IT no longer owns the data.  The business owns the processes and business logic.

So the age old question, how do you merge the IT and Business, so they work in synergy?

I say you solve this problem by creating a new unit, a 'Virtual Matrix'.

The CEO establishes a CBIO or Chief Business Intelligence Officer or Chief Analytic Officer.

Direction must start at the very top or will not gain traction.

He / She organizes a virtual team pulling in people from various departments from within the org.

IT people, Finance people, Marketing, Sales, tap into every department if need be.

Gather these people to identify the process'.

Find a software solution that fits your org needs.

Contract portions out to IT consulting if lacking talent internally.

Research and discover the problems you would like to solve.

Have a project manager organize the project.

Establish a 'Data Governance' board to oversee data quality / change issues.

Incorporate change process'.

Identify ALL data sources.

Brainstorm on the big picture.

Start off small, one step at a time.

And build an infrastructure that WILL satisfy your lack of insight needs.

Build a road map.

Do you need data mining?  Predictive analytics?  Need to mash data from external sources?  Work with unstructured data?  Need up to the minute data?

In order to give your Org a competitive advantage.

What problem are you trying to solve?

By having tentacles in every department, you will leave no stone unturned.

You can add or subtract people as needed to / from the Matrix.

The people on the team are most likely on your payroll already.

So set aside a chunk of budget specifically for Data / BI and adjust as needed.

You won't be using 100% allocation of these FTE, just a portion, so each team member could charge their time to this new department / team.

Sure you will need a real good PM or two to monitor status / progress.

I see it as a new challenge, to finally bridge the gap between IT and the Biz, with buy in from the top people down to the front line people.

It will change the infrastructure of business going forward.

It will drive sales, knowledge,  teamwork.

A win-win proposition.

Could be the new model of the future!

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