Universal Database

I like the idea of having a Universal Database.

Basically, an organization, who decides to opt-in, can expose their data set universally, similar to a Web-Service.

Like a Web-Service, the location is uniquely identified based on a NAMESPACE.

The parameters, input values and return values are all documented in a WSDL.

So you could have a DATABASE WSDL which describes the data, tables, relationship diagrams, etc.

There are credentials required for authorization.

The WS returns XML using SOAP,

The data would be maintained by the HOST site and can Dynamically change so as not to be Static.

Or it could be Static data.

So potentially, you could issue a SQL statement, JOIN multiple tables from multiple Universal Databases, providing you know the location, security, what information is available and what field to JOIN on.

People could post there own data in the Cloud or they could host it locally.

People could donate their data, similar to OPEN SOURCE projects, this would be an OPEN DATA PROJECT.

For Earth consumption.

To better mankind!


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