Report Slow Down

Ever since we implemented a new procedure for requesting a new report, things are starting to slow down.

One person requested a report, didn't specify any details, we asked them to complete the new form, weeks went by, this morning they closed out their request.

Another customer who frequently requests reports via the phone called the other day, I asked her to fill out a form, haven't heard a word since.

Perhaps the culture is in shock.

Having to think through their request in advanced.

Not dumping their work on the over loaded IT report staff.


Except now perhaps my reputation of bending over backwards to satisfy every request at lightning speed may be in jeopardy.

I guess I can learn to live with that.

Being understaffed, we no longer have the time to do the 'thinking' for the user.

Just enter a ticket, complete the form, and we'll get to your reports as soon as we can in the order they are received, with exceptions.

Now, should I implement the new new process of having every report go through a throurough Quality Assurance review?

Perhaps they will run me out of town...