Quotas were created to keep people performing at optimal levels.

When I was approving mortgages, we had a quota to approve or decline so many loans per day.

I volunteered to count the loans volume for all my teammates and create reports on production levels, because the IT department was not responsive to the department's needs.

We had to look at 100 loans per day.  And we could override a certain percentages a day.

Luckily the quota never varied, it was always 100.

However when I worked in the branch, I was required to bring in so many loans per month and collect so many past dues per month.

The quota's were designed so that you never reached them.

And if you had a good month and reached your quota, they soon raised it accordingly.

However, I was not on a commission, it was just part of the job.

That was my fault as I should have worked in a  position where I was rewarded for my hard work.

Now with the introduction of Business Intelligence and metrics for every action, we are really setting ourselves up for a fall.

Because now the people who can make the rules will apply rules to all aspects of every job.

And soon your every action will be measured, sliced, diced, compared and in the end, your pay will be based on these metrics.

So we are basically creating our own cages.

Perhaps that's an extreme way of looking at it, but its seems quite accurate.

I've seen some sci-fi movies that do exactly this.

And as we know, most sci-fi movies eventually become reality.

And so it goes!

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