Oracle User Group Meeting Tampa

I attended the oracle users group meeting in Tampa last night.

Hats off to the presenter Jeff Smith @thatjeffsmith.

I thought his presentation was great.

Good depth of knowledge, good content and had good audience interaction.

With his dry sense of humor he had the place in stitches multiple times.

I overheard the guy sitting next to me say, "That is awesome" a few times when learning some quick tips and tricks.

He mentioned Twitter at the beginning and the importance of getting connected but the room seemed apprehensive.

There were some good Star Trek references added in as well.

It's been yeas since I developed in Oracle however it was good to see the improvements to SQL Developer.

I thought the building was nice, the old IBM building where my credit union used to be, the food was good too.

I bumped into an ex co-worker and we chatted for a while and I saw another person too but didn't get a chance to say hi.

K-Force sponsored the event and I chatted with Scott, one of the recruiters for a bit.  It seems there are quite a few jobs for Oracle DBA including relocation assistance.

I apologize to Jeff for not getting the chance to say hi in person, the room was quite full and I had to get back home.

I felt the IQ quotient in the room to be quite strong, always a good sign, even if for a product I rarely use nowadays.


  1. I had a very strong suspicion there were more friends in the audience. Sorry we didn't have a chance to meet formally, but I'm sure I'll be back soon!

    Thanks for coming out, and thanks very much for the very kind words!

  2. I've been using Oracle since 1995 at NationsBank, Kronos, Florida Power, Paymentech and Pinellas County.

    I especially liked the OATS applications where you can record scripts to run multiple concurrent connections to stress test the database.

    I was slotted for the OBIEE position at my last job and even got some formal training.

    Thanks for the quick tips & tricks!