My College Degree is Worthless

My College Degree is Worthless.

I registered, attended and passed the required curriculum to be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Dedicated 4 years of my life and 10's of thousands of dollars.

For a piece of paper.

I was working a summer job Summer of '87 and skipped the student orientation.

I was dropped off on campus by my parents and left alone to survive.

With nothing more than a dorm room and food expense money.

I never met with a dean or school official to determine the appropriate major.

Or to discuss my career options.

Or find out my strengths or weakness.

Or explain the process of graduation and finding employment.

Or anything.

The Schools purpose, it seems to me, is to take money in, for participation of classes, and funnel you through to graduation with the least amount of contact possible.

It's a degree mill factory.

I learned almost nothing in college.

I learned to drink water for a hangover.

That sports generate more revenue than academia related stuff.

That kids who come from money will always have money.

That power games that occur at the student level, as dishonest and despicable occur in life as well.

I learned that the geeks, no matter how hard they try, rarely get the cheerleaders.

I learned that the jocks get the cheerleaders.

People segregate themselves with their own kind, if given the choice.

I majored in Anthropology.

Do I regret it?

Sure, I could have gotten a degree in Computer Science.

Could anyone, at the time, from the University, steered me in that direction?

Sure.  Am I bitter?  Not really.

Things didn't turn out that bad.

I'm just saying my college days, aside from receiving a diploma, could have been better spent learning something to prepare me for life.

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