Just a basic report for a typical user.

I had a co-worker, a team lead in IT, come to me today asking for some data.

First, that shows that our department has gained some traction in the enterprise as a place to find data.

So after listening to the request, all the closed tickets in the system going back as far as possible, for the auditors, I located a similar report, customized it, working on the web in less than 20 minutes.

Now how does that relate to BI?

Must know where the data is, how to get it, table structure, business rules, gather specs, set expectations, deliver fast accurate product, available on the web, downloadable in Excel, with hyperlinks back to the ticketing system for more details, added # of days aged to report even though they didn't ask for it, etc.

This is basically what I do for a living.

No Big Data involved, no predictive analytics, no data scientist involved, no model forecasting.

Just a basic report for a typical user.

White bread.

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