Good Working Environment

What would you consider a good working environment?

How about a place where you have the tools to do your job?

And the flexibility to get your job done.

And a place where creativity can flourish.

And you ideas are valued.

And customers are friendly and helpful.

And workflow is steady with some ebb & flow.

And technology is current.

And you get the support you need.

And the team environment is helpful.

And there are some really smart people working there.

And a fun atmosphere.

And casual, except when customers are around.

And plenty of eateries and coffee.

And places to walk during breaks / lunch.

And a nice building with ample parking.

And centrally located.

And good management.

And a good product.

And where the upper management believes in data metrics.

And good compensations and benefits package.

And good vacation / time off policy.

And insurance too.

I think all those items listed above would classify as a good working environment.

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