Go To Guy

Everyone talks about team work.

Yet a lot of managers still need to have a 'Go To Guy / Girl' (GTG).

Someone who delivers when called upon under pressure.

Bottom of the 9th, need a few runs, you bring in the GTG, they usually produce in the clutch.

Top executive requests a report, needs it by end of the day.

Report Server stopped working.

Bug in one of the most visible reports.

Bring in the GTG.

I suppose you could bump up their salary.

Or you could create a new title called Principle or Architect or what have you.

But you really can't give preferential treatment, in a team environment.

You can, but it causes friction amongst the ranks.

I don't think its talked about too much but every manager needs someone to solve problems really fast.

A GTG should not be utilized all day every day however.

This would indicate lack of process' or bigger issues.

And will burn out your star player.

I've been the GTG in several roles over the years.

And I enjoy putting out fires.

It's a required role in today's IT world if you ask me.