Electronic Medical Records

I once went to the doctor.

Doc asked, you feeling okay?


You sleeping okay?


You eating okay?


You exercising?


He said you look fine to me.

And that was that.

However, the one thing I notice when going to a doctor is they refer you for specific things.

They don't take the holistic approach where they service the entire body.

They segment everything into specialty's.

I'm not sure that's the best way.

Because the doctors don't compare notes between themselves.

So each doc is treating in a vacuum.

So maybe, when the medical industry gets everything electronic, and they can create a comprehensive picture of each patient, complete history, interacting and collaborating with other people, perhaps that would be a good thing.

Seems health has become a business too.

For profit.

And those who have the money can afford treatment.

I suppose the same thing could be said for eduction as well.

If you can afford it, the system works.

If you can't afford it, oh well.