Data Enlightenment

Data Enlightenment, the actualization of the realization that the data in your organization has purpose to drive business decisions.

And how do you get there?

Good question.

Ask 20 Data Experts, you'll get 20.5 expert answers.

You see, we have evolved into our current state of affairs, through trial and error.

And with the advent of new technology, we can now harness bigger volumes of data in shorter periods of time.

However, the general philosophy hasn't changed much.

Access data sets, in a readable report for consumption by someone in charge, who has authority to make business decisions from the interpretation of data into information.

Data can be small, from an Access database.  To a mid size relational database such as Oracle, SQL-Server, Sybase, etc.  To large data sets like Netezza or Hadoop.

There are also new concerns around data governance and quality data, as we would like to have some data reliability and common understanding of the data we are analyzing.

The delivery has gotten more complex with Dashboard roll up aggregated reports, drill-able to the more granular levels.

To Key Performance Indicators and slice & dicing the data through data warehouse data sets.

To delivery options such as tablets and mobile BI solutions.

To viewing reports generated in the Cloud.

So obviously reporting and business intelligence has gotten more complex.

Yet its really simple, "base decisions from the data".

And there you have it.