Creative Work Places

People say that in order to rise up, you must surround yourself with people who are smarter, better, faster.

However, I have not always played by that mantra.

In tennis growing up, I tended to play weaker players, and I watched them become better players.

Didn't do much for my game though.

I suppose if I played better players, I would have excelled faster.

Then when I got in the business world, same thing.

I surrounded myself with people on the fringe.

The people who had very little chance of upward mobility.

And perhaps that is my downfall.

Perhaps I should have surrounded myself with people in better circles.

Maybe some of their 'mojo' would have rubbed off on me.

I remember going to lunch one day with 5 other developers.

When layoffs occurred all 5 developers were let go and I stayed on.

I like starting new jobs, get to learn new environments, people, systems, data, business', etc.

After the newness wears off, the challenges few and far between and I find myself in a environment that is less than optimal, I get my traveling on and find a new place to work.

If you have read any of my blogs for a while, you'll see that I crave new things, new ways of looking at the world, new challenges, as I get bored of repetition and stagnation.

Perhaps the business world views this creativity as negative.

But it shouldn't.

There should be opportunities for people who seek fresh challenges and infinite growth.

I wonder if and where these type of places exist.

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