#BloomConsultingBI Day Tripper

Today we headed north to the Webster Flea Market, in Webster Florida.

We had the day off from work for Memorial Day and wanted to test drive my new Honda Element.

Turns out the car runs like a champ, air works fine, cosmetically good as well as gas mileage.

It started pouring rain on the drive up and I was wondering if our day adventure was going to be a wash.

However, as soon as we drove up and paid our $2 parking, the guy said it hadn't rained yet, and it never did.

We purchase our obligatory Carmel popcorn bag, my wife got a necklace, we bought a few car magnets and a dog bowl for the SPCA.

As soon as we left the parking lot, it was raining.

We stopped at Subway for a quick bite to eat, then headed south and it really opened up rain.

Overall a good morning day trip, good to get out of town and test the car on the highway.

Now I'm ready for a nap, but first a bike ride to get some exercise.

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