Bigfoot Sightings

We've all heard about the infamous 'Bigfoot'.

A big creature who wanders in the forest, leaving giant footprints, perhaps a remnant of the caveman people of long ago.

Except no one's ever taken an actual picture or seen it up close.

So having never seen this giant creature, we all have our opinions of what he looks like, where he lives, etc.

I see the same thing with Big Data (BD).

Not everyone has seen it live and up close, we all have a general idea of what it is and we describe it like we know the answer.

Yet the true definition is still unclear.

We hear story's that BD will change everything.

It will predict the future, finally open up huge volumes of data to they layman, mash private and public data, will drive the demand for data scientist and save wild bunny's from predators too!

Sure it could do some of these things and more I imagine.

Yes, I'm on board too!

Let's mine that data into gold!

Embrace the change!