Artificial Intelligence is the future

During my chat yesterday on Mother's day with my father, he was surprised that I was a team lead.

He was also surprised that I have 2 part time jobs.

He never heard of business intelligence.

However, he said I should get into Artificial Intelligence.

Having worked for IBM his entire career in Poughkeepsie, Tampa and Atlanta, he has some insight.

Everyone is chit chatting about Business Intelligence.  Big Data.

They are all tip-toeing around Artificial Intelligence.

Isn't that the main goal here.

Putting the information in front of business users to base decisions is the current mantra.

What happens after that?  Let the computer read the data, base its decisions, and self correct on the fly, totally automated.

Why involve error proned humans?

What do you think this IBM Watson is all about.

Then add that AI to robots and humans will become either obsolete or will not be able to compete with drones.

Let's look down the road a little further, passed the hoopla surrounding Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence is the future.

And so is Artificial Business Intelligence...