SSIS and Master Data Services

Back to work tomorrow, Spring Break is officially over.

I never worked so hard as I did this week while on vacation.

Got plenty of hours on my part time job.

And I started another part time project.

I got to work in SSIS the past two days.

Mostly massaging code which another developer wrote.

However, I had to learn the biz rules in order to fix the bugs and enhance everything.

The packages were a bit complex, for loops, multiple sequences, derived fields, variables, truncating tables.

The packages had more going on that what I'm accustomed to, so I went through the process flow of every item which took some time, but allowed me to learn what was going on.

Because as you probably know, SSIS is a bit fragmented and not easy to follow, everything is embedded or hidden so you have to click on everything to figure it out.

Also, I worked in Master Data Services 2008 r2.

Basically, there's a web front end, where you can create Models (another name for Schema) and there's Entities (another name for tables) and leaf's  (another name for columns) in the System Administrator.

You can view and edit the data in the Explorer.

There's versioning.

And there's Integration Management, which allows you to import / export data.  The underlying data structure is a bit whacked, so they have the ability to create VIEWS to make things easier, which are runnable in T-SQL.

And I learned how to remove data from the database, a lot different that what you'd think.

You have to Insert data into a table, which gets picked up in another job, which De-Activates the data, strange but true.

Overall, glad I got to learn another product in the BI stack, although not an expert, I learned fast enough to complete the first assignment.

And I guess that's all we can really ask for, to learn something new on the fly with minimal training.

Because there's too much to learn and not enough time.

So back to work tomorrow.

Let's make it a good one!

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