New Report Request Form

Based on recent experience, I've decided to implement a 'New Report Request Form'.

Why?  Because sometimes you need them.

Why?  Because sometimes the user changes their mind once or twice or twelve times.

Why?  Because business rules change or the report needs tweaking or the requester didn't think through the entire process at the beginning.

So in no particular order, I grabbed some bullet points off the web?
    1. Is this a new report, or a modification to an existing report ?

    2. Report owner ?

    3. Business Contact ?

    4. What is the purpose of the report ?

    5. By what date does the report need to be available ?

    6. Summary or Detail Report?

    7. (Proposed) Report Title ?

    8. What is the frequency of publication (* Ad Hoc, Monthly, Quarterly, 6 Monthly, Annually, Other (Please Specify. . .) ?

    9. What system will this report be based on (name of application/database) ?

    10. What fields/information should be displayed on the report ?

    11. What criteria/conditions will you need ?

    12. What (special or conditional) formatting do you need on each column ?

    13. Report period (is the report for a single day, a month, a year, Begin/End Dates, etc.) ?

    14. Who are the Users of the report / Security?

    15. What are the sorts that should be applied?

    16. What special calculations need to be performed?

    17. Totals and Subtotals ?

    18. Export Format* Email, CSV, TXT (Tab Delimited), XLS, Other (Please Specify) ?

    19. Provide Report mock-up with all data elements labeled – column descriptions, formula calculations, format type, max characters, etc…

    20. What else would you like included ?

What are some other things to request?  Gotcha's?

Because my department is understaffed and because the workload is constant and the number of request increases over time, I need to implement some structure to prevent us from drowning.