First Year Team Lead

Looking back at the past year of supervising the reporting team, I look for milestones.

What have I accomplished?

First, I tried to standardize the reports.

I implemented report templates.

I introduced re-usable queries for permissions and date parameters.

I added dynamic code instead of hard coded values across the enterprise reports.

Second, in an effort to wrap processes around chaos, I introduced a New Report Request template.

All new requests require a form to be completed and attached to the ticket request.

No ticket, no report. It goes against the 'Self Service' delivery model, but Rome wasn't built in a year.

At least I can prioritize the reports based on needs, deadlines and available resources.

Third, I am on the committee to clean up the ticketing system.

I introduced ideas to clean out the tickets older than 180+ days.

Similar to sending a letter in the mailbox, once you send it, you are out of the loop. The mailman picks up the letter, delivers to the mail warehouse, he's out of the loop, Plane sends letter to next destination and so on.

There's no need to keep everyone on every ticket, so remove your name off the ticket when you complete your portion of the code.

That will ensure we can identify the owner of the ticket at any time.

New rule that a ticket must have comments at least every 30 days to inform user.

So anyone at anytime from anywhere can find the history of the ticket, who worked on it, why its not done and reason it's not complete.

I also created reports and send to the field users every week to identify outstanding tickets as well as a report to identify tickets 'unassigned'.

Since implementing these procedures, we have reduced the number of tickets by half.

Fourth, I've learned to manage a small team of developers, delegate workloads, set customer expectations, document reports, maintain the web server, maintain all reports in Visual Source Safe code repository, hold meetings with customers to gather specs, do performance appraisals, approve time off, work with other departments, automate reports internally and for customers, etc.

Overall, my first year as Team Lead, or Supervisor, or Application Administrator, whatever the correct term is, it's been a great year to say the least.

Luckily I still get to code, however, I do see the benefits of finally being in a position to make a difference, to improve things, where my voice finally gets heard.

And there you have it!