Visual Source Safe DELETED vs. DESTROY

Well, did you ever write a report, send to customer, and then have the report gone, from BIDS, SSRS Web and Visual Source Safe?

That happened to me yesterday.

I thought I had deleted the report.

And I did.

So I went into my Recycled bin.

Found the Excel Spreadsheet, which I restored, to obtain the file name.

The SSRS.rdl file was not there.

I created a dummy .rdl file placed it in the original work folder, renamed it to the old report name.

Then I tried to re-add it to Visual Source Safe.

Guess what, it found the report, and asked if I wanted to restore the old version.

So I did.

And then brought down the file to my local hard drive.

And there it was, safe and sound.

So I didn't have to re-write the report.

And I pushed the report to the SSRS web server and the user can run it.

So the trick is, in Visual Source Safe, never, ever allow DESTROY rights to ANYONE.

Only allow DELETE rights, because of situations like this where the file needs to be recovered.

And there you have it - hot off the presses...