Still Reporting After All These Years

Just to let you in on a secret, I still like creating reports for a living.

Yah, I know, I've been complaining a lot lately on the blog.

Too much to do, not enough resources, changing design specs, working conditions, etc.

And I've been doing more report delegation than report creation.

My contractor has been pulled off to do some SSIS work for the DBA team.

And my other programmer got moved to the AS400 team.

So that leaves me with one full time programmer + me.

So I've had to pick up the slack.

And write reports.

And I love it.

Back in the saddle again.

Writing SQL + SSRS.

And filling out tickets.

And closing tickets.

And assigning tickets.

And meeting with customers.

And emails.

And phone calls.

And meetings.

I've been busier than a one arm paper hanger.

And I really like interacting with the customers.

And being of services.

And working fast.

Sure people work fast, most do.

But I work really fast.

Most all of my customer's who watch me code while at my desk have the same conclusion.

"You're fast!".

So we'll see how things go.

If things work out for me here, I'll stay.

If not, we'll find something else.

Full time means nothing now a days.

We are all independent contractors.

Just some of us are at full time positions, with benefits.

But we can all be shown the door any day of the week.

I know one thing, I like reporting.

And there you have it!