SQL-Saturday Tampa Style

Tomorrow in the Pre-Conference for SQL-Saturday Tampa.

My boss was able to let me and another developer attend the conference with paid leave and paid conference.

He is also sending 3 people from the DBA team, 1 of which will attend the BI tract and the other 2 will take the DBA track.

We are car-pooling to the event.

I'm really looking forward to the paid training.

If you've been following my blogs over the past year you may have mentioned once or twice the lack of training I've received in my IT career spanning 15+ years.

Then Saturday is SQL-Saturday, which we are also car-pooling.

So overall, this should be a great weekend.

I plan to bring my laptop tomorrow in case they have wireless connectivity.

Hopefully nothing major goes wrong at work as we'll have skeleton crew available to put out fires.

So stay tuned for blog posts talking about the upcoming SQL-Saturday Tampa style!

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