SQL-Saturday Tampa #SQLSat110

I enjoyed the SQL-Saturday in Tampa this weekend #SQLSat110.

It started off with the Pre-Con with Bill Pearson on Friday.

Some people from my office car pooled and we drove over to Ybor City together.

Once we checked in and found the conference room, Bill gave an excellent presentation on PowerPivot.

I'm sure we'll be able to incorporate a lot of this into out BI  going forward.

He also presented on some advanced SSAS ways to speed up performance.

I got up early Saturday to drop my two dogs at my mother in laws house and Maddie got injured jumping into the car.

She was okay but I was upset none the less.

My car pool picked me up at 7am and we headed over to SQL-Saturday Ybor City.

The place was packed and I bumped into @SQLGator at the checkin.

It was good to meet face to face after much Twitter interaction.

Then it was on to the demo's.

I sat in on a demo for 'Always on' - looks like some great features in the new SQL-Server 2012 for Mirror'ing, etc.

Then I watched 3 back to back SharePoint demos and learned a bunch.

Lunch was good, authentic Cuban food as I sat with some co-workers.

After lunch I watched Jen Underwood @IdigData who talked about Mobile BI which was quite impressive.

Then I roamed the halls and introduced myself to several people and had a chance to speak with Jen & Robert Skoglund, both from Microsoft, for awhile about SharePoint / SSRS integration, new features in 2012, as well as the ability to 'Format' code in T-SQL (the need for it).

Then I spoke with a bunch of the vendors - good to catch up with Jose Chinchilla @SQLJoe.

I spoke with Karla Landrum @KarlaKay22 from Pass.

I met Richie Rump @Jorriss at the pre-con too.  I saw him present at the last conference for Project Managers and I enjoyed it.  I think more BI people should know what it's like to run a project.

Also met some of the presenters and talked SQL-Server, as well as some local people too.

I learned a bunch, had good food and did some networking.

All in all, I thought this was one of the best SQL-Saturday's I've been too.

I would like to thank Pam Shaw & all the volunteers for such an excellent event!