Quality Assurance

In the early days of programming for me, there was no such thing as Quality Assurance.

We coded, we moved to production.

This was the day of Visual Basic 4,5&6.

Rapid application development - RAD.

Then one day, I had someone review my work before moving to production.

The name of this person was called QA.

Quality Assurance.

There job was to find all my bugs.

And as we know, most people think they don't write bugs.

And it's the QA job to knit pick every little thing, so we think.

However, I have grown to like my QA person.

For they find the bugs before the business does.

And that's one less headache.

Instead of troubleshooting bugs with eyes watching, can fix casually, before it's a problem.

So go on, give you QA person a hug.

They are just doing their job.

Although I image they get some satisfaction from infuriating the developers.

And so it goes!