Data Quality Services 2012 Presentation

Tonight, after a long day going since 5am, I drove to Tampa Microsoft building to attend the Tampa Bay SQL Server Business Intelligence meeting.

I got their late as my to-do list never ends and I arrived at 6:30 right as the meeting started.

The meeting was about:

Topic: Data Quality Services 2012
We will explore data quality issues that face today’s business and how Data Quality Services 2012 can help IT Pros and Data Stewards meet those challenges. We will start from zero, build a knowledge base, profile data to train our knowledge base and then use that knowledge to highlight both the cleansing and matching capabilities of DQS. This session will also cover the DQS SSIS component that’s available in SQL Server 2012. 

And the speaker was from Pragmatic Works

Speaker: Chris Price
Chris Price is a Business Intelligence Consultant with Pragmatic Works. He has his M.B.A from the University of South Florida and has worked as a software developer and architect since 1999. For the past couple of years his attention has been focused primarily on the world of Business Intelligence with a specialty in ETL and Data Integration. His interest spans the Microsoft BI stack from SSIS and SSAS to SSRS and Performance Point.

Overall looked like a quality tool, well presented.

I asked one question, there appeared to be very little coding in the 'rules' portion of the application.  I was wondering if there was a way to view all the business rules in a report or something in case the business user wanted to verify the accuracy of the logic in a Data Governance meeting or something.  Answer, not at this time.

Didn't get a chance to eat the free food or drinks, but I brought a chocolate bar my wife gave me to snack on.

Home by 8:10pm so can't complain.

There is so much new technology to learn it baffles the mind.

They guy from Microsoft said Big Data is the next big thing.

Sounds good!

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