Vendor Meetings

Vendors frequently appear onsite to propose new systems for our organization.

Most of the time, the people are well dressed, very friendly and have an assortment of snacks.

The demo's are well planned, they fly through the presentation, and promote all the great features that will SOLVE all our problems.

I usually attend such meetings to find out about the reporting aspects.

Each package usually has pre canned reports, a separate database warehouse and usually some type of pre build dashboards.

The thing is you usually don't want to press to hard for specific details.

You will get a response of 'we can tweak the system however you want' or that is part of our next release or I'll write down your question and get back to you.

Overall, Vendor Meetings are usually enjoyable and tend to break up the day.

I've read some Dilbert cartoons where the programmers taunt the vendors and such.

In the end they usually select the vendor with something important like the name of the product or color of the logo, or perhaps the company headquarters is located in the employees hometown.

You know, something substantial and based solely in logic.

And so it goes!

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