Technology Bell Curve

When I was just a Jr. programmer doing Visual Basic, we had a very Senior programmer named Dave.

He was a jolly fellow and super smart.

He taught me how to program 'correctly'.

He would randomly sit down at each of our cubes and tear into our code.

He encouraged my boss to send us to VBITS in Orlando the old Visual Basic conference.

He let me administer the Visual Source Safe database and taught me the importance of binary comparability and proper commenting standards.

Anyhow, one of the things he taught me was the 'Technology Bell Curve'.

At any given time, there is 'cutting edge' technology out there.

That is one point on the bell curve.

The other point is the legacy code.

And all in between was the curve.

So most people want to be on the 'bleeding edge' because that's cool, that's where the bucks are.

But there's also the opposite side of the spectrum in supporting legacy code, just as lucrative he said.

There is a cost for companies to always be upgrading to the latest version of software.
A lot of companies tend to stay 1 or 2 versions behind.

I guess if you're a consultant, you must know everything the old stuff and the new.

Working full time for a company, you can kind of get lazy and learn what you have, although you don't want to get caught flat footed.

Some people still like to listen to records for that scratchy sound.

Some people like to still program in Visual Basic 6.

And so it goes!

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