Since I've been doing reports since 1996, in Crystal Reports, Actuate, Access and now SSRS, I've been somewhat limited in my ability to do advanced business intelligence.

Because reporting is telling a story of the past.

And people today want more.

They want reports but they want information readily available in fancy formats.

And standard reporting falls short of meeting this challenge.

That's why when we spoke with the Microsoft people today it really got my juices flowing.

Because not only can we upgrade from 2005 to 2008 rs, we can also make the leap at least partially to 2012.

What that means is integrating SSRS with SharePoint 2010.

What that opens the door to is Dashboards & Scorecards in Performance Point.

And allowing users to dabble in Power View.

And creating 'pseudo' cubes using Power Pivot which get uploaded onto the Server's version of Analysis Services 2012.

And that uses the new Tabular Model in 2012, which is the main ingredient for providing the advanced reporting.

And then teaching the 'super users' how to fish by providing the Power Pivot plug in for Excel.

They even said you can assign permissions by roles, even down to the row level, I think.

I asked the question, does data modeling and star schema go out the window?

They said that was a great question and no, good cube design is still a priority.

I'll be honest I've had 10 to 15 recruiters call me last year and they all said the same thing, in order to find a reporting job you MUST have these latest skills.

I don't disagree, but how do you get the experience using the latest technology if your company does not utilize it.

Well, I believe I found the answer, you pray and get lucky!

Make is so!

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