This May will be my wife and my 6th anniversary.

We married late in life and decided up front we didn't want kids.

So instead we have 2 golden retrievers and 5 stray cats.

When we first met, I was in the process of quitting my job after 3 or 4 years.

I was getting burned out, had enough savings to cover me for a while and decided to teach tennis and do web sites.

So I sold my house 'cause I knew the housing market was going to crash and rented a villa.

Each day I'd sit outside smoking my cigar, feeding the ducks bread and watching the world go by, after teaching tennis that is.

My neighbor, Karen, would walk her golden retriever each day, and the dog would basically pull her over to see me.

I'd give the dogs some pets and the dog would just go ballistic.

I told Karen that I was on vacation and that's why I was home every day.

Each day she would walk her dog and we would chat.

When she found out I was out of work she offered her extra room to me.

She didn't know that I could have paid cash for her villa.

They were having a free concert downtown so Karen, another neighbor and I walked down to listen to the band.

There was a double rainbow that night which I took a picture of.

When we got to the concert, the one lady Janice took off to go to a bar and it was just me and Karen.

I bought her a hot dog and soda.

Then we walked home together about a mile and half and I talked nonstop telling her my life story.

When we got home I said good night as we lived right next door.

I looked at the movie section and knocked on Karen's door - it was around 9pm.

I asked her if she wanted to see a movie.

She didn't say anything, then turned around and went inside.

I waited for 5 minutes and she came back outside ready to go.

I guess that was a 'yes'.

Our first date.

After some courting, I decided to take down a portion of the fence in our back yard and her dog 'Maddie' would come running from Karen's house, through the fence into my villa - SO excited.

So I would say it was 'Maddie' who got us together - she's a matchmaker.

And today is her 9th birthday - Feb 2!

Happy Birthday Maddie!

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