Freelance From Home

I work a full time job.

And then I work a part time job.


I've been working with the same client for over a year and half.

Yet I don't go to their office.

I work from home.

I never met my boss face to face or my co-workers.

Everything is done remotely.

Since I'm converting Crystal Reports to SSRS.

And then converting those SSRS reports to point to a Data Warehouse, I can work independently.

With the occasional WebEx at 6pm with the full time Business intelligence programmer.

He's great to work with and helps me with the business logic.

As I'm still learning some of the medical terminology and biz rules.

Yet I seem to manage just fine.

The past few weeks I had a tough report which the report spec was written more towards a business analyst point of view.

So I struggled with the code, had 2 calls with the f/t guy and threw in the towel.

I called my boss and said I need to speak with the author of the tech spec.

So I called her after hours and we went over my questions.

Sure enough, I was able to hammer out the SQL in two revisions.

QA passed the report as did the UAT lady.

So tonight I'm finalizing the SSRS report and will move to production and store off the code in SVN.

I'm kind of proud of this report as it's very complicated and I didn't give up.

Persistence pays off in the end.

And so it goes!

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