SSIS Package to Excel Dynamic File Name

Well, on my part time job, I was requested to create an SSIS package to dynamically create a TEXT file with the file name to include the date run.

Sure enough, I did this.

Then the user changed the export file type from Text to Excel.

I thought this was a no brainer.

Until I got into the guts of the code.

I found this link as an example:


It ran in development and all was well.

Until the next day, the package would not compile.

Why?  Because the file was not already created with the next day's date.

So I read and re-read the article above and it just didn't make sense.

Until, poof, I figured it out.

You have to create the Execute SQL Script at the beginning of the package, referencing the Excel Destination, in order to create the spreadsheet in advance.

I then deleted all the Excel files used in testing, re-ran the package, and sure enough the new Excel file with correct file name appears.

And so it goes!

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