Social Media - Twitter

Social Media - Twitter is the next best thing since sliced bread.

The reason for it's popularity, in my opinion, is three fold.

Networking: The ability to communicate with a vast number of people and find people of similar interest in a matter of seconds is truly remarkable.  By connecting on Twitter, you can follow the tweets and reply, re-tweet, view their attached URL / pics and not only network but learn in the process.

Information Dissemination: the use of hash tags allows your Tweet to go across the planet instantaneously.  Image in the power behind that.  This phenomenon was virtually impossible just a few years ago.  Imagine what will be available in a few more years.

Problem Solving: Recently I commented on Twitter about Bright House messing up my bill and charging me a $5 fee.  Someone from Bright House immediately contacted me, backed out the $5 fee, and then I was able to ask questions about product and actually upgraded my account.  The days of IVR automation hell may be over with the quickness and responsiveness of the future customer service.

The main thing I hear from the people who don't 'get it' is 'why do I want to tell the world what I'm eating for lunch'?

Twitter is much more powerful than that.

It's the new 'community'.