Reporting Career

So what is it that I do for a living, I do 'Reporting'.

I have 15+ years experience in 'Reporting'.

And a year as Supervisor / Team Lead.

A lot of it was Crystal Reports, some Actuate, some Jasper, and finally Microsoft SSRS.

I used to program in VB, then .net.

Then some Java & JSP.

However, that was a few years ago and I don't write any .net / Java at this time.

And I don't work with SharePoint.

I'm not a DBA.

I don't really do Business Intelligence with OLAP or Data Warehousing.

I just do Reports.

And I like it.

Some call it 'Simple' or 'Easy'.

Most developers shy away from such lowly aspirations.

I guess the way things are now a days, its getting difficult to find jobs that do 'just reporting'.

Everyone wants you to do something else as your main job and also expect you to know reporting in addition.

Like I've been saying for years, there is a 'Huge' demand for getting the data out of the database, into a report, to be consumed by the customer.

This role may not win the award for most glamorous, most highly paid or Rock Star material, but it's a niche that's been the majority of my career.

And I'm proud of it!

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