I want my D-A-T-A

With all the hype lately about Dashboards, Scorecards, Big Data, Non Structured Data, I continue to see a trend less talked about.

I still see customers that want nothing more than to 'see' their data.

That's it.

To be more specific, they already have access to their data. In bits and pieces. And it takes days/weeks to export and consolidate.

What they want is a pre-created report, bringing in all relevant information, viewable on the web, with changeable parameters, exportable to PDF or Excel.

That's it.

They are not even aware of all the hoopla surrounding the Business Intelligence world.

For these types of customers, being a one eyed person in the land of the blind is what it's all about.

If you can get them their data, they are ecstatic.

I think this scenario is typical in a lot of organizations - people just want the access to their data. For whatever reason.

In the 80's it was 'I want my MTV'.

In the 2010's, it's 'I want my D-A-T-A'.

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