Quick question, have you ever enjoyed writing documentation?

Sure anyone can take a few screen shots, throw down some sentences describing the screen, and presented that as documentation.

I know I've done that in the past.

Here's another question, do you document your code as you go?

I always do.  With my initials, description of what the code is doing and anything else that might be relevant.

Working for Florida Power company, the senior Visual Basic developer mentored us lowly coders with surprise code review.  If we did not have comments, he would dig into us until we wished we never became programmers.

One thing is for sure, he knew how to code.  He was a master programmer.  And I learned an enormous amount of coding practices from him including 'documenting the code as you go!'.

He also got me to become the Visual Source Safe admin which was a nice boost for a junior programmer at the time.

He also helped us get to go to VBITS - which was held in Orlando - where the expert Visual Basic programmers got together to discuss code, watch demo's, etc.

I found that I learned more from speaking to people between and during the sessions out in the halls than I learned from listening to the speakers.

One thing I'll never forget is the description of building a house, then the customer asks where the basement is.  That's a classic programming issue, especially in the world of Rapid Application Development which VB 4,5&6 was known for.

Anyway, always remember to sometimes document your code!