Business Knowledge

How important is 'Business Knowledge'?

Can you perform your job based solely on understanding the code.

I have always prided myself on never learning any biz logic I've ever worked for.

The Power Company, Medical Timekeeping, Credit Card Processing, Telecommunications, Banking Insurance, Healthcare and Government.

Sad fact but true.

For some reason I understand just enough to code the application and / or reports.

All the logic is in the code and some of its even documented.

This is probably the first job where I've had to learn the business - the School Board is quite complex.

Not only do I have to understand the logic to write reports, but sometimes one of my workers has business logic questions they ask me and I'm expected to know the answers.

Also, when speaking to the customer's it helps to know a little something about what they are talking about.

In summary,  Biz Knowledge is good to know, will help you keep your full time job during crunch time, although many people have done their job successfully without fully understanding all the intricacies behind an app/report.

So there you have it.