Microsoft Access

Seems all the rage lately surrounds Microsoft SQL Server Denali / 2012.

Whatever happened to Microsoft Access.

Seems I have worked with Access for a long time now.

The basic premise is awesome.

You have a database.

Can import tables from Oracle/SQL Server either linked or imported.

You have ability to create forms.

You can utilize the built in VBA/Modules.

You can definitely create reports.

It has somewhat built in security although easy to crack the passwords.

It's small and can be uploaded to websites easily and easy implementation to store data for online apps.

Some of the limitations:

Size - constantly have to shrink the db.


In order to maintain the db you have to work on the pc - there is no built in 'Web Interface'.

I was thinking they could build one and use the product to compete with MySQL by giving it away for free --> isn't that how it works, give a product away to crush the competition?

Anyway, I believe it's a fine application that bundles with Office.

I have not researched the 360 version or if it even exists.

Maybe someone can clue me in on that.

From what I've seen with the latest version of SQL Server so far, it's just an amazing product.

Perhaps Microsoft can leverage their ancient solid application called 'Access' too.

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