3/4 through 2011

This year is about 3/4 over. Or 1/4 to go.

Either way you slice it, it's been a pretty good year thus far.

I changed employers in January, from one government agency (the County) to another (the School Board).

What a world of difference.

Rigid, out-dated technology, no authority, strict environment TO relaxed, somewhat current technology, supervisor position in a good atmosphere.

I was almost running out of things to do at the County while transitioning from Java to Oracle / SAP (XCelcius) BI position.

The School Board is a fast pace environment with endless requests.

I enjoy the challenges that are associated with supervising a team of two full time report developers and a contractor.

And interacting with peer supervisors.

And meeting with all the friendly customers.

And writing reports.

Just today though, I was reminiscent of the programming days.

I guess I still miss writing code for web applications and such in Java/JSP/VB.net.

I got my start in Crystal Reports, Oracle and Visual Basic so I always had the three main things covered: getting data into the db and getting it back out in an application.

I attended the SQL Saturday in Tampa in the beginning of the year and then again last month in Orlando - both were excellent events. There's another one next month Nov. 5 in Tampa I plan to attend as well.

I managed to conquer my fear of 'true' BI and dabbled a bit in the new SQl-Server Denali.

I got some SSAS, MDX, Power Pivot experience and hope to finish up with some Share Point.

However on my job I believe we plan to purchase a pre-built data warehouse in Cognos which we could query in SQL from SSRS which would be nice.

And if they ever replace the AS400 they are going to have a lot of new reports to manage and create.

Looking into a crystal ball, I would say that creating reports seems to be in my future.

Also, I had stopped my part time job in June because we had to work 10 hour days in the summer.

I was pleasantly surprise to receive a phone call from my old boss asking me to pick up where we left off.

So I started back part time in early October and it should last until the end of the year - with the possibility of extension. I was extended several times last years so I'm hoping to continue the trend.

My family is heading to Georgia mountains next week to rent a cabin - can't wait to see the leaf color changes and cooler temps.

I have to say this. People raz government workers for being lazy, making huge amounts of money and sucking the country dry.

Well, I've been on both sides of the fence, Public and Private jobs.

I have to say that some of it is true, there are some people who work for the gov't who haven't seen a full days work - ever. But those people are slowly being weeded out. And as far as making lots of money, uh, I don't think so. I'm about $20k underpaid at the moment, in this market. Moving to another market, I'd say closer to $30-40k underpaid.

That's why I have the p/t job though.

Anyway, my skills are slowly improving, I hope. I'm fully into Microsoft reporting at the moment, which is where I wanted to be this time last year.

Overall, things are going well.

I look forward to closing out the year with some time off during the holidays and will see what develops next year.

Thanks for reading the articles on my blog - I write quite often and have no idea who actually reads these things.

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