We all create stuff and it works 100% of the time.

Well, maybe not always.

So what happens when stuff does not work.

You have to troubleshoot.

When troubleshooting, you must first distance yourself from the problem and get a birds eye view of the situation.

Then you begin removing all obstacles that are preventing you from your desired result.

Sometimes that means checking from the beginning each and every step along the way.

In my career, I've been asked to troubleshoot bugs from time to time.

Usually the person asking for assistance is in a rush, he/she explains things from their perspective and say "go".

However, you can't fix the problem from that view point.

You have to take an almost naive or innocent view point.

And check everything, no matter how small it appears.

Those skipped steps are usually the "gotcha's".

We all like to develop code.  Sometimes we have to support our code as well code written by other developers.

It's kind of an investigation, removing all possible causes, until the answer is sitting there, staring you in the face.

I enjoy those moments, especially when they are critical production problems and the boss already brought in someone who couldn't solve it.

That's when the intensity, focus and concentration are put to use.

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